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Can anyone volunteer?
You must be 18 years old or older as of April 21, 2018 in order to be considered for a volunteer position.

Our entire family wants to volunteer, but one of our children is under the age of 18. Can the age limit be waived in this case?
Our Volunteer Coordinator reserves the right to waive the age requirement on a case-by-case basis.

What is a Volunteer Chair and how can I become one?
Our Volunteer Chair positions are a group of select volunteers who have chosen to be group leaders responsible for specific assignments and large/small sub-groups of volunteers during the Walk of Life event. Volunteer Chairs work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator and act as a liaison between their group of volunteers and the Walk of Life staff. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Chair, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

I represent a large group of people; can we volunteer together as a group?
Maybe. We welcome and encourage groups to volunteer for the Walk of Life. Your first step is to have one person set up the team by clicking the Create a Team menu tab on the Walk of Life home page and completing the information. Once you create your team, register yourself.  Each person in your group can then register by clicking the Join a Team menu tab on the home page. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact the Team Captain and coordinate assigning the group to a specific volunteer assignment together, if possible.  Please be aware that we cannot always keep a team of volunteers together in the same area, but we try our best.

I am planning to volunteer. Can I bring my children to help too?
For safety reasons, we have an age requirement of 18 and older for our volunteers (and all volunteers must be registered).  Please do not bring unregistered children or anyone else with you to your volunteer assignment. If your children are under the age of 18, you may consider signing up to volunteer prior to the Walk - then you can register to actually participate in the Walk of Life as a family! The 3.1 mile Walk of Life is open to anyone ages six and older. And don't forget about our Kid's Dash, open to children ages 3-8. 

What do I get for Volunteering?
First and foremost, you get our deepest gratitude for taking the time to volunteer with the Joy to Life Foundation and support the community in raising funds and awareness for breast cancer in Alabama!  Additionally, all our volunteers receive a unique Walk of Life Volunteer t-shirt to wear during the event.

I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor who is volunteering. Can I get a Survivor's shirt instead of a Volunteer shirt?
Each registered volunteer will receive one volunteer shirt. Volunteers are REQUIRED to wear their volunteer shirt on the day of the Walk so that the many participants and visitors will be able to identify you. Volunteers who are also survivors have the option of purchasing one of the special survivor shirts during on-line registration. No shirt exchanges will be permitted. 

I am unavailable on the day of the Walk of Life. Are there other opportunities to volunteer?
Absolutely. We need many volunteers in the weeks and days leading up to the Walk. There are yard signs to put together, shirts to inventory, and we have our scheduled late registration and pre-registration pick up opportunities. There are also opportunities in the week leading up to the Walk to assist with event set-up at the venue. In addition, we have many office related types of assignments such matching race labels to race bibs, alphabetizing race bibs, counting out post-event wristbands, etc.

If I want to walk/run the 5K, can I volunteer after I finish the race?
No. If you are registered to participate in the Walk of Life as a runner or walker, you cannot volunteer on that same day. However, there are many volunteer opportunities in the days/months leading up to the event that you can participate in.

Can I choose to fundraise as a Volunteer?
Absolutely. We encourage all our Walk of Life volunteers to set a fundraising goal. The system automatically defaults to $100. Fundraising is just another wonderful (and simple) way to "give back to the community".

When I arrive for my assignment, where should I park?
Where you park will largely depend on when and where your assignment is scheduled.  The Volunteer Coordinator will communicate specific details about parking with you prior to your assignment.

I registered as a volunteer and am now trying to register to participate in the 5K race but the system will not allow me to do so.
This is correct.  If you have registered in the system as a Volunteer and then try to go back in and register as a 5K, the system is alerted that you have already registered for this event.  The correct way to handle this (when you want to participate in the 5K and volunteer prior to the day of the event) is to register as a 5K participant.  During the registration process, there is a question that asks if you would like to volunteer prior to the event - - you would choose "yes".  That's all there is to it.  If you have already registered as a volunteer and now want to register as a 5K participant, you will need to contact our office.  A manual transaction will need to be made to cancel your volunteer registration and you will then be alerted that you can now register as a 5K and choose "yes" to that above noted volunteer question.