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How much does it cost to set up a team?

5K participants are $35 ($40 starting April 18), while Kids Dash team members are free. There is also no charge for Volunteers and Virtual Participants who join your team.

How do I become a team captain?

Simply choose the Create a Team tab and follow the instructions for naming the team. The registration process will then take you through the steps of registering yourself (the system automatically tags you as the team captain).

If I form a team, do we get a special team shirt?

All paid participants (whether registered as an individual not on a team or a member of a team) will receive the 2018 Walk of Life shirt. However, you are certainly welcome to create your own special team shirt or you may elect to wear your company shirt.

I'd like to include more members on my team, but cannot seem to find a way of doing so.

Think about holding a team registration party where you offer your laptop (or have people bring their iPads, laptops, etc.). You can assist each person with registering themselves right there at your "party."

Where does my team meet on the morning of the Walk?

There is no designated spot for teams to meet. It is your responsibility to communicate with team members on when and where you want to meet/line up for the Walk of Life.

May my team bring signs/banners?

You are welcomed to bring banners/signs to carry along the race route. Bring cow bells, streemers, balloons, etc. Wear pink wigs or pink clothing/shoes/socks. This is a celebration, so we want you to have fun. Remember, this is a family friendly event so be respectful of children.

I'm a member of a team, but never know what is going on with my team.

Every team has a designated Team Captain. The team captain is responsible to keep members abreast of important team information, fundraising efforts, details of when they will get their shirts/race bibs, etc. If you are not receiving this information from your team captain, we urge you to communicate with them in a friendly way. Let them know you are passionate about building the team members and increasing fundraising, thus ask them to be sure to communicate with all team members to make the team as strong as possible.

I'm raising lots of money for my team, but no one else seems to be doing so.

Oh no - - say it ain't true!! Seriously, we hope you'll communicate with your teammates to remind them of how important fundraising is. Ask the team captain (if you are not the team captain yourself) to send out a reminder to everyone about the importance of fundraising. Maybe get together to brainstorm fundraising ideas. Maybe they are not fundraising because they are simply unfamiliar with how they can go about doing this.

If I'm raising lots of money, but my teammates are not, is my fundraising being applied to them?

No. When you fundraise, as long as your money is posted specifically to your registration account, no one else can claim this money.

I just found out that my team captain did not pick up our team materials on pick up day. How do we get our shirts/race bibs?

Your race materials are still available. Individual pre-registration pick-up is available on Friday, April 20 from 10-6 and again on Saturday, April 21 from 6-8am at Biscuits Stadium. Each member of the team can pick up their shirt/race bib or one team member can elect to come and pick up all materials.

Some friends on my team have small children. Can children join my team?

Teams can consist of a combination of 5K, Kids Dash, Volunteers and Virtual Participants.

Is there a limit as to the number of people I can have on my team?