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21 Incredibly FUN Fundraising Ideas

1. Baking Challenge

Have a baking competition at work or among friends. $5 entry fee. The winner gets bragging rights and you raise money for The Walk of Life.

2. Dinner Out or Happy Hour

Ask your favorite local restaurant if they participate in a benefit night. They likely have programs in place to help you fundraise. The restaurant donates a percentage of the bill to your cause. Alternate locations include bakeries, ice cream parlor, a spa/salon, florist… think outside the box!

3. Fitness Challenge

Ask your spin class instructor (or whatever class you take) to set a goal at the beginning of the class. If it’s met, everyone donates a $1 per mile or a $1 per minute.

4. FUNdraisers at Work

Auction off prime parking spots, have “casual Fridays” where people can donate $5 to dress down, or auction off extended lunch hours. The possibilities for this fundraiser are endless!

5. The Guessing Game

Fill a jar with candy, coins, etc. and see who can guess the closest. You can charge $1 per guess and the winner gets to keep the jar of goodies! This can be promoted on a social media page and donations could be taken through ‘friend to friend’ PayPal transaction with no fee.

6. Change Contest

Each office, department, classroom etc., will have a container large enough to insert coins and bills. The container (and team) with the most money wins a prize or incentive.

7. Charity Game

Host a basketball game or whatever sport you choose at your local gym or community recreation center. You can raise awareness about your cause all while playing a friendly game!

8. Share Your Skills

Have a talent or skill that you could use to fundraise? Hold a “class” of some sort that you are an expert in, like yoga or computers. You charge at the door and friends learn something new.

9. Host Movie Night

Host a movie night at your house. Every time the word “close” is said in the movie, everyone donates $1 in a bowl. Have pizza donated and charge at the door.

10. Host a Wine Tasting Party

Host a wine tasting night. Have a wine and cheese-tasting party and charge at the door. You can reach out to anyone who owns, manages or works in a winery to see if they would host it.

11. Karaoke Night

Ask a local karaoke bar or restaurant to host a benefit night. Invite all your friends. You can charge at the door and/or you could also charge people $1 per song.

12. Pay-To-Pass

First example: flamingos! How it works: Cover your friends’ houses/work cube with several plastic flamingos. To get the flamingo removed you must “pay-to-pass,” by making a donation for the flock to go elsewhere!

13. Food For Funds

Host a pancake breakfast, spaghetti night, an ice cream social and much more! You can hold it at your home, school, place of business, park, etc. Charge a fee and get all the food donated if possible.

14. Errand Runner

Nobody likes to run errands. Offer to be an errand runner for friends, family or co-workers for a day in exchange for a minimum donation.

15. Creative & Crafty Friends

Do you have any creative friends that paint, draw, sculpt or sing? You could auction off their works of art or services to people. You could do a drawing, or even a raffle.

16. Game Night

Game night has endless possibilities – host an old school game night, trivia night or anything else! Charge at the door and have prizes for the winners.

17. A WACKY Wager

Offer an unconventional wager that will entice people to give. For example, co-workers could donate $25 to see the boss dress up in a costume, or friends could donate $5 to see someone sing a song. Share pictures, videos and stories on social media or with friends to further your fundraising efforts.

18. Master Chef

Round up supporters and all your foodie friends for a fun culinary competition! Participants will create their best dishes with a specific ingredient or theme. People will pay to taste and to vote!

19. Office Decorating Contest

What is more fun than getting to decorate your office? Let your co-workers know that
employees have to donate $10 to participate. You can also charge people $1 to vote.

20. Kid’s Care Too!

Kids send out flyers to your neighbors offering services such as dog-walking, car washes, mowing lawns, or even hand-drawn cards or drawings. 

21. American Idol / Talent Show / Womanless Fashion Show

What better way to raise money for your cause than with a fun and memorable show? This is a great fundraising idea for social organizations, universities, fraternities and sororities or even businesses.