Walk of Life Team Olympics (Feb. 11-25)

The Olympics aren't just happening in South Korea this February.

Don't miss out as the Walk of Life Team Olympics - the competition goes from Feb. 11-25! Teams registered by Feb. 10 to qualify.

Qualifying Round (Feb. 11-18)

Team Tara - 3 points
Life Change - 1 point

Creed Gym
Faith Journey
Kelly's Heroes
Montgomery Chapter of Jack and Jill
Muslimahs For A Cure
Rack Pack
Ruby's Shields of Faith
Support Squad
TeamAGA 2018
The Pink Ladies
Tickled Pink Vets
Wolverine Nation

Medal Round (Feb. 19-25)

Top 6 teams from Qualifying Round will advance to the Medal Round (Feb. 19-25).

What are the Walk of Life Team Olympics? How do we earn points?

In the Qualifying Round (Feb. 11-18), teams earn 1 point for each new team member added to your team.

Pro Tip: Invite others to your team by sharing your team name and the Join a Team page via email and social media. Also share this Join My Team image on Facebook.

In the Medal Round (Feb. 19-25), teams earn 1 point for either each new team member added or donation received online by team members.

All Walk of Life teams registered by Feb. 10 qualify. The top team in the Medal Round wins a prize pack for all team members (shown below).

When are team point totals shown?

They'll be updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Does the top team win a gold medal?

No, but every team member of the winning team wins a Walk of Life prize pack. It includes:

Eyes Blacks
Under eye bandaids2.jpgUnder eye stickers.jpg

Buff Bandana
Bandana Email

Joy to Life Mug
And, the winning captain gets a Joy to Life stainless steel water bottle: