March Mania Tournament (March 15 - April 2)


March Mania has come to the Walk of Life!

Starting March 15, teams, participants and volunteers will compete against each other to "move on to the next round" and win fantastic prizes.

All money raised will provide breast cancer screenings to medically underserved areas of Alabama!

The team tournament bracket and individual tournament bracket are up! 

To Qualify

Team Tournament  – All teams registered by March 14 qualify! See the bracket.
Individual Tournament – All participants/volunteers who - by March 14 - either receive an online donation on their Walk page or send a "support me" email from their Participant Center will qualify. All team captains qualify. See the bracket.

Tournament Rounds

Round 1 – March 15-21
Round 2 – March 22-28
Round 3 – March 29 – April 2

Tournament Rules

Scoring Points

1 point free throw – Each "support me" email sent from your Participant Center (during a round).
     For example, one "support me" email sent to 10 people is 10 points.

2 point shot – Each online donation receive on your Walk page (during a round).
     For example, 2 donations is 4 points.

•  3 point shot (team tournament only) – A new person joins your team (during a round).
     For example, 3 new team members is 9 points.

March Mania Prizes

Individual Tournament
• 1st Place – Trash Breast Cancer pink trash can
• 2nd Place – Joy to Life sweatpantsworkout capris or hoodie
• 3rd Place – Joy to Life t-shirt

Team Tournament
• 1st Place – Stainless steel water bottle or t-shirt for everyone
• 2nd Place – Head wrap for everyone


Tournament Rules

• At midnight on the end of each round (March 21, March 28, April 2), points will be totaled to determine a winner.

• If there is a tie, both teams/individuals will advance to the next round. (Exception: If both teams/individuals tie at 0 points, neither team/individual will advance.)  

• Point totals will be updated on the Walk of Life website every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 2pm CST during the tournament.